Meet Market Book….

in the meet market
by Kaylee Kuehnast

ISBN: 978-0-9815495-0-7

Cute book, Quick Read, Funny Stories!  🙂


The Dream Team

When I was a kid there was a basketball team that was coined the “Dream Team.”  It was a group of players selected to represent the United States in the Olympics.  Well, I have my own Dream Team. It’s true, I work with the best group of teachers around!  Yesterday, in a moment of patience lost, the music teacher swapped classes with me and gave my kids a pep talk.  It’s a dream to be able to walk across the hall and have another teacher know exactly what you need just by the look on your face.  My first two years teaching, Jeni and I could read each other like that.  And here at “Lefthand Academy” we are such a team that anyone in the building can read another that way!  Sarah asks me twice a day if I need a bathroom break.  Jess and I team teach on a regular basis when one of us needs a break.  So yes, yesterday was yet another day of proof that I work with the DREAM TEAM.  I taught music for 20 minutes yesterday and it was GREAT!  I am truly blessed!

Back to School

So I have survived the second day of school for the 2008-2009 school year.  Today was definitely a slower day for me.  I even moved my plans around so there were some more calmer activities today.  J  My class is a great group of kids.  They are excited about school, good listeners (most of the time), and participate well in class.  I have some very chatty boys… yes you read that right… BOYS.  It is actually typical at this time of year and this age for the boys to be more chatty.  Girls are into impressing the teacher at this point in the year.  J 


Even after 6 years, the beginning of the year is never easy.  It’s a transition that is hard to make.  First of all you have to get up and get dressed every day.  Sure during the summer I get up every day, but I don’t always get dressed.  I spend at least 3 days out of the week in my PJs.  And getting up… of course I get up… just not at 5:30AM.  It’s a big adjustment to make.  Then add on top of that that there’s a new crop of children that enter my doorway.  It takes time to figure out who likes to talk out of turn… who can’t read on grade level… who is a perfectionist and takes all day to finish one assignment… who is sloppy and will have to redo 95% of their work… who has ADHD or who should be diagnosed ADHD.  That all takes mental energy.  And mental energy is hard to turn on after a summer of The View and chick flicks.  Another mental energy drainer is remembering what you taught last year at this time.  Sure we have to turn in our lesson plan books, but a lesson plan book doesn’t tell you HOW you taught that lesson… it just tells you what lesson you taught.  Oh yeah, then there’s getting back into the routine of the paperwork… dreaded paperwork.  The very reason I am not a SPED teacher is because of the paperwork.  As a regular ed teacher, I have plenty of paperwork.  Collecting, Sorting, Grading, and Returning papers.  Taking attendance and lunch count… ON TIME (which is a goal of mine for this year… lets see how long it lasts).  Let’s not forget about the assessment for the beginning of the year.  PAPERWORK!!!  Remembering how to balance it all is another mental drainer.


And somehow even in the midst of all the stress and mental draining tasks, my favorite time of year is fall.  I have always loved the first weeks of school.  I LOVE back to school shopping, much to Jim’s dismay.  I love getting back into the routine of getting up (even though I hate the mornings) and having somewhere to be each day.  I love seeing my friends after having not seen them all summer.  (Ironically this is still the case even as an adult… I MISSED YOU ALL!!!)  I even love the nervous feeling that still creeps up the night before school starts.  I love getting to know a new group of kids.  The weather gets cooler.  The leaves begin to change.  Life gets back to normal.  Someday I will send myself a bouquet of sharpened pencils (from the movie You’ve Got Mail).  It is the perfect celebration of this time of year!


So yes, I have survived day two of the school year.  We’ll see how days three and four go!  J 


To God be the Glory for BACK TO SCHOOL fun!!!  J  Thank you Lord for the seasons you provide.  Thank you for this new crop of children you’ve entrusted to me.  Thank you for giving me a gift and purpose.  Be with me this year as I teach these children the love of learning.  Give me the energy I need to be the teacher you know I can be.  I am here to serve for your purpose!  Amen.


Math Protests

I wish I could post pictures for you all to see, but alas it’s not the right thing to do.  So try to visualize what happened in my classroom today. 

It was time to go to math.  At my school, students have a different teacher for math depending on their ability level.  I teach the high group.  It is a blessing and a curse.  31 smart, witty, competitive kids all in one room.  Today, September 17th, we were scheduled to take the Chapter 2 math test.  (We started school August 19 and we’re already done with chapter 2… like I said a blessing and a curse).  I announced to my homeroom kids that if they were in my math class they did not need anything because we were taking our math test today.  Almost immediately one student, let’s call him Buff, starts chatting NO MATH TEST! over and over again.  This sparks the interest of the other students and they get out the student white boards and hold them above their heads stomping around the room chatting NO MATH TEST!!  I was so blown away by their creativity that I said, “If you’d like to protest, you may, however you need to do it quietly so we do not disturb the 2nd grade classroom next to us.”  This same group of students then began putting white boards on the all the desks, so the students coming into our classroom could join in the protest.  So for the first 10 minutes of math class today I allowed my students to exercise their right as citizens of the United States.  At the end of that time, I turned it into a little civics lesson.  I announced to the class that they had every right to protest the math test.  I told them that if they protested the math there would be consequences and asked if they knew what those consequences would be.  They replied by stating things like… “We get a zero.”  or “We get bad grades.”  I agreed with those consequences and told them if they chose to protest all they needed to do was do it quietly, so those who chose to take their test could concentrate.  Ironically, all 31 of my smart math kids chose to take their test.  J  They are however, at this moment, protesting (after they have finished the test of course).  So there’s still some civics we need to teach, but that will come on another day.

After the week I’ve had, God is good!!  This is why I chose this profession… to see creativity be let out of the minds of little children.  Oh if only we could remain as innocent at these kids!


Diamonds in the Ruff

If you are reading this you’ve stumbled upon the thoughts and stories of a 3rd grade teacher.  The names have been changed, but the stories and experiences are very real.  They are my inspiration, my gift, my calling in life. 

I recently read a book a friend of mine wrote all about her experiences in the “Meet Market” of dating.  (I’ll post a link to the book soon…)  This book was my inspiration to share my experiences.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with the smartest, most curious, creative human beings in the world… children!  My days are filled with unique experiences and life lessons that were meant to be shared.  Thus the start of this page. 

Here you find the stories of teachers and students, children and those who still are, and the quests of the life long learner.  Hopefully you will also find inspiration, lessons, and laughter. 

These are the stories of the Diamonds in the Ruff.  Enjoy!